Rodney Smith – Photographer

Rodney Lewis Smith
12/24/1947 — 12/5/2016

Today I heard that Rodney Smith passed away just two days ago.

It was in 2013 that I had first seen his work. One of my Facebook friends Kelsey, who I haven’t actually met yet had posted a photo in which she was modeling for Smith.

I really liked the symmetry and simplicity of the image I saw, so I looked up more of Smith’s work online.
That is when it hit me. This guy has been producing the kind of imagery I have been trying to define in my own work. The classy wardrobe, the simplicity and power of composition and the wit in some of his work really struck me like finding a best friend I had never met.

It took a while, but I eventually put together my own shoot to see if it was a fit for me. I wanted that symmetry, that wit, that wardrobe and those locations. I had to work with what I could afford and rely on friends to help out. Still, I was so happy with the outcome. I can only call it a tribute to his work, at best.

Standing over the strom drain.

Man jumping with umbrella

Cantilever Pose with Teapot

Woman Throwing Paper Airplane


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