Czech Republic Exploratory Trip

The past two weeks I have been in the Czech Republic. My wife and I went for two main reasons: church missions work and photo tours preparation. Since this is my photography blog, I will concentrate on that aspect of our travels.

Beginning in September of this year, I will be leading small groups of photographers of all skill levels on 10 day photography tours of west Bohemia. In the late 1990’s I lived in the town of Sokolov and traveled frequently to the surrounding spa towns and castles. The landscape in between the towns is beautiful and the architecture is breath-taking.

One of my favorite towns is Loket. Here a gothic castle sits atop a hill and the rest of the town tapers down to the winding river that encompasses it all.

Very close by Loket is a more well-known spa town, Karlovy Vary, also known as Carlsbad. This small city is host to an international film festival every summer. It is a popular location for not only Czechs, but also German and Russian tourists.


Of course, what trip to the Czech Republic would be complete without some time spent in Prague. This capital city is one of the best preserved since it was not heavily bombed during World War II.


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